This sounds obvious, but breakage of the wires (which causes static) is the number one cause of corded headset failure.

There are 4 wires in the cords that will break, if abused. Try not to get into the habit of swinging or stretching the cord. Avoid running over the cord with a chair, or slamming your cord in a drawer. Don™t coil it real tight around the headset when storing your headset. Loosely coil it and keep your headset in a storage bag so it doesn™t get tangled.

If you need more cord length, we recommend adding a ten foot coil extension cord, PL-40703-01, then routing your cord to the back of the desk, and down the back and up underneath in the knee well. Use peel-stick cord clip hooks for routing the cord and keeping it off the floor and away from chair wheels, cables, and feet. Cord clips relieve the weight of the coil cord and minimize wear and tear. This also puts the quick disconnect (QD) in easy reach at all times right there in the knee well by your hand. When you need to connect your headset, you don™t have to search around for the QD.