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The real story about headsets

Headsets have a tough life; they get pulled off your head, dropped, bent, squashed, spilled on, sat on, chewed on (we’re not judging) and abused more than just about any other office equipment. It’s not a question of “if” something will go wrong with your headset, but “when”. And when your headset starts buzzing or conks out altogether you might be excused for thinking that it’s time to get a replacement…because 80% of the time the problem is likely fixable.

Plantronics headsets are tougher than you think

Our quality Plantronics wireless headsets, and all the products we carry, are manufactured with survivability built-in. Most of the components that wear out with regular use can be replaced with inexpensive parts that we keep in stock and can ship to you the same day. Technical trouble often can be remedied by resetting equipment or making adjustments. Just think, more than 80% of replaced wireless headsets could be fixed for free or for a tiny fraction of the cost that most IT managers end up paying. The problem is in the mindset of retailers who want you to buy a new headset and the lure of the lowest comparative price. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Our Lifetime Solution

The picture gets much brighter once you become a BTP customer and eliminate wasteful spending on needless headset replacements. The BTP Headset Help Desk pros will be standing by for free trouble-shooting and problem-solving when you encounter issues. We can help adjust talk and listening sound, plus help new users get set up and trained on how to use their new wireless headset. We can teach how to conference up to 3 additional wireless headsets for training purposes and how to save battery life, among a long list of other valuable tips! With ongoing free training by our expert staff, you’ll be able to identify minor issues and maintain your headsets properly to ensure longer product life, which protects your investment.

If the product is truly unfixable, we will check our records, and if it’s under warranty we’ll expedite a replacement that in most cases will arrive within 2-3 days. This saves tremendous time, effort and expense for your team. Anyone can call us for help, whether it’s your IT team responsible for deployments and maintenance, the department manager, or end users.

We even conduct audits of your audio device requirements to help you decide what products are best suited to your needs now and in the future. It is well worth learning up front which products will align with your company’s Unified Communications plans. That’s our Lifetime Solution.

Here are some of the ways we help our valued clients:

  • Help Desk calls answered live Mon-Fri, 8-5 (no prompts, no waiting on hold)
  • Headset Help Desk is open to IT and end users alike
  • Free setup of new products–we get you started right
  • Free training–we take the burden off your in-house staff
  • Consultations–we help you find the best products for your needs based on compatibility, price, innovations and other critical factors
  • Product selection–we pre-test to evaluate products and recommend only the best performers
  • Quality control–all orders pass through our stringent 6-step QC process before shipping
  • Order questioning–we flag unusual orders and double check compatibility so all orders ship error-free
  • In-warranty tracking–if your product is under warranty, we’ll know it, and we can expedite warranty fulfillment with the manufacturer to save you time