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We are the preferred Telecom vendor

for 1500+ customers with over 3 decades of experience.

Our Culture

“We are not just selling products, we are holding ourselves accountable for its proper utilization. This is why we remain as responsive after the sales as we were before.”

Attention to detail and follow through are good qualities by themselves; however, when you see how the lack thereof adversely impacts the customers, it is a deal breaker not to have them.”

Sustainability is important to us. Extension of life is better than recycling. Caring support from real people matters.”

Telecom Products Reseller

We partner with IT/Telecom teams to help standardize their headset and meeting room solutions, and provide gold-standard support.

Cloud Technology Agent

We are an agent of all major brands of UCaaS and CCaaS providers. Our customers are able to leverage our relationship to select the best supplier for their digital transformation. We offer peace of mind through creating critical documents like headset standards to help ensure that business continuity is not disrupted.

Logistics Expert

We partner with IT asset, Purchasing, and Procurement teams to streamline their workflows. Whether it is EDI/cXML integration with their platform or storing their inventory in our warehouse at no extra cost, we got you covered.

Change is Constant

We're here to SIMPLIFY your TELECOM journey with our solution and support-led approach.

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How BTP Reduce the Cost of Ownership

Example of initial price vs. Actual cost of ownership for 10 wireless headset over 3 years

Over 3 years $255 each
$2,550 for 10
XYZ Company
$227 each
$2,270 for 10
1 Broken Headset
  • FREE Support
  • In-warranty
  • Shipping cost $8
Bought 1 New $227
2 New Users
  • Free Training on existing headsets
Bought 2 New $454
4 Problem Headsets
  • FREE Support
  • Reset & adjust vol
  • 1 New Battery $39
Bought 4 New $908
1 New user
New Ear Loops $10

New Ear Loops $10
Gained Productivity
Lost Productivity $250
Total Cost $2,607 $4,119
$1,512 SAVINGS! 58% Higher Cost

We pride ourselves on having the BEST HEADSET SUPPORT in the industry that is always included at no extra cost.

When you call in to our Help Desk, you’ll likely talk to me! I’m very proud of being that initial contact, and helping our customers go from a point of panic to a functional device again is my goal. My work for you doesn’t end when your device is back up and running. I’m learning about how to prevent the problem for others, writing for our knowledge base, and making sure you have the documents and support you need as you move forward. Being a trusted partner in your technical landscape is important, and something BTP values above all else.

Kate Larson (Technical Specialist)

Working with BTP provides me with a sense of satisfaction I have a hard time finding elsewhere. BTP works with customers after the sale. BTP provides help and support for companies and users who would otherwise throw away a working unit when all that is needed typically is a setting change or new ear cushions. BTP keeps our customers updated as much as possible in changes in pricing and products, something that is hard to find in today’s world. I am proud to work with a company who is ethical and puts the needs of the customer first.

Marlana Ashlie (Customer Success Manager)

As an ex-Amazonian, I am excited to bring a long-term vision of helping other business leaders modernize their workflows with cost-optimization and revenue-growth strategies.

Jimi Shah (Director- Client Solutions)

This Is Why Our Customers Love Us

"You all have been super and in fact (in case you hadn't guessed) are my favorite business to deal with. You are prompt in not only your delivery but in letting me know of any delays. I and all our Region 1 staff thank you."

John H. (Spokane, WA)
February 16, 2023

"One reason we're with you, and staying with you, is your absolute excellence in providing us help and assistance. Headset Patrol (as I call it) is one of the parts of my job that used to give me headaches, but you've reduced that to zero, and I'm very thankful for that!!!!"

Jim L. (Portland, OR)
January 6, 2023

"Thank you so much for getting this info to me. I really appreciate it and I really appreciate your efforts to help resolve all our problems. It's one of the chief reasons we continue to come back to your company and to you for our headsets."

Chris P. (Moses Lake, WA)
November 19, 2022

"It was a pleasure dealing with you on this transaction. You were extremely patient, informative and helpful and were certainly a major factor in my decision to purchase."

Dennis F. (Philadelphia, PA)
October 21, 2022

"I have been doing business with BTP for 20 years now and have never regretted this working relationship.  BTP provides the best customer service and provides excellent training and trouble-shooting with headsets (even on the ones that may not be purchased through their business.)"

Linda H. (Olympia, WA)
September 11, 2022

"You guys have been fantastic to work with all along. It is such a nice change to work with a company that can deal with you on a professional level and still have fun. Politics get so old nowadays..."

Aaron F. (Wichita, KS)
August 11, 2022

"You are my hero today in my world of Mondays! We have older headsets but I wasn't here at the time of ordering. So glad I searched around and found you! Thank you very much for your assistance!"

Melinda S. (Olympia, WA)
July 12, 2022

"Thank you very much for your attention. It's a pleasure working with and being a client of your company. Excellent quality standards in customer service you have there. It's hard to find people like you that go the extra mile to take care of the client."

Luis V. (San Diego, CA)
June 13, 2022

I'll be honest, your company has been one of the best I've worked with in ages. Thank you so much for restoring my faith that customer service still exists in America.

Pam C. (Seattle, WA)
June 4, 2022

"I deal with countless vendors for the 21 engineering and design groups I support; your company's customer service remains unsurpassed, which is a compliment I give out sparingly. It is well deserved to you though. Your help is greatly appreciated."

Reese S. (Everett, WA)
May 19, 2022

In the United States, electronics in landfills equals 70% of toxic waste, We do our part to do business in a SUSTAINABLE way.

Responsibly recycle used products

Extend the life of products customers are using with genuine support from real people not bots.