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Bluetooth for Desk Phone & PC

Bluetooth for Desk Phone & PC

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Poly Bluetooth for Desk Phone & PC for Seamless Connection

Power up your employees’ productivity and deliver unlimited talk time with a Bluetooth for desk phone range by Poly. Backed by the company’s decades of industry-driven experience and commitment to improve workplace communication, the Poly Bluetooth headset systems support phones, PCs, and mobiles using a USB cable while ensuring hours of talk time.

The Poly Bluetooth desk phone systems for offices are rechargeable, powered by non-replaceable lithium ion polymer. They work well with UC applications and softphones from Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, and others.

Also, the phone systems come with built-in...

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“You are my hero today in my world of Mondays! We have older headsets but I wasn’t here at the time of ordering. So glad I searched around andRead more

Melinda S. (Olympia, WA)