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Elevate your business communications with our high touch support

With our signature in-house support, you will extend the life of your headsets by 2x, free up IT service desk, and boost the employee productivity and morale. These outcomes will outweigh the cost of upgrading to premium headsets.

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Support your organization's evolving needs with our customized Service Plans

Our paid customers prefer headset helpdesk support on a priority basis and retain BTP customer success managers to represent them to the Meeting Room and/or UCaaS/CCaaS suppliers.

See the comparison table below to see how our various plans can deliver value to you.

Free Basic
Assisted Warranty Fulfillment
Business Login Portal
eProcurement (Ariba, Coupa)
Headset Helpdesk Support
(M-F: 8am-5pm Pacific Time)
Best Effort Priority
Cloud Headset Management (Poly) twice a year – remote optimization Settings, Firmware Settings, Firmware, Analytics Settings Firmware, Analytics, Custom Report

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How BTP Reduce the Cost of Ownership

Example of initial price vs. Actual cost of ownership for 10 wireless headset over 3 years

Over 3 years $255 each
$2,550 for 10
XYZ Company
$227 each
$2,270 for 10
1 Broken Headset
  • FREE Support
  • In-warranty
  • Shipping cost $8
Bought 1 New $227
2 New Users
  • Free Training on existing headsets
Bought 2 New $454
4 Problem Headsets
  • FREE Support
  • Reset & adjust vol
  • 1 New Battery $39
Bought 4 New $908
1 New user
New Ear Loops $10

New Ear Loops $10
Gained Productivity
Lost Productivity $250
Total Cost $2,607 $4,119
$1,512 SAVINGS! 58% Higher Cost