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Bluetooth for PC

Bluetooth for PC

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Poly Bluetooth PC Headsets - Durable, Ultra-comfortable, and Pro-grade Sound

Business headsets are purpose-built to cater to a unique requirement: facilitating seamless communication via PC, ensuring clarity and audibility amidst disruptive ambient sounds.

This is exactly what the Poly Bluetooth PC headset series does.

Each Bluetooth headset for a computer is an advanced gadget that moves with you. From adjustable headband to soft ear cushions and rich audio, the Poly wireless headset has tons of features to make calls clear and undisturbed.

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History of Poly Headsets - From Headsets for Air Traffic Controllers to PC Wireless Headset


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“You know sometimes we get so caught up in our own responsibilities we forget to remember and thank those that lighten our load. So here goes: I have beenRead more

Gwendolyn C. (Olympia, WA)