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Start Here for Optimizing Your Audio Preferences in GoTo

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Problem: You’ve downloaded the GoTo client for either calls or meetings, but need to make sure your audio device is being used through the app.

To be able to join GoTo Meetings or calls, you’ll need to optimize your audio preferences in the GoTo. Let’s go over how to do that.


For calling in-app

Click on your profile bubble in the upper right corner of the application. When the menu pops up, navigate to Settings.
Within the Settings menu, navigate to Audio, under the Voice tab. Make sure you can see your headset or its dongle listed as the Microphone AND Speaker fields.

For Meetings in-app-

When you join a GoTo Meeting, here’s the first setup window you’ll encounter. Make sure Audio is toggled ON, and that your chosen audio device is selected for both speakers and microphone. Then click Start My Session. (Mine is currently set to the Jabra Speak 710!)
When in a meeting, at the upper right side, there is a Settings cog. Click on that to get to Audio settings. When utilizing your PC, select Computer to change those settings.
Scrolling down in the window on the right, you can select your microphone and speakers as your target device.

Outcome: You should be able to utilize your chosen audio device for that upcoming meeting!

Alternatives: If none of the described steps helped, please send us an email at info@btpi.com or call our tech support at 800-457-4287.

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