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FLX Analog Wireless Conference System w/2 Wearable Mics – DISCONTINUED

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Revolabs FLX Wireless Conference System Brings Unprecedented Freedom With Superior Audio Sound

  • Manufacture Discontinued 2020 – Replaced by FLX UC 1000 Conference Phone
  • Connects to analog port
  • Includes 2 Wearable wireless microphones
  • Unique design is specifically made for mid to small sized conference rooms, executive offices and SoHo environments
  • Microphones and speaker can be placed throughout an office to optimize sound quality
  • People on the call feel as though they are face-to-face in the same room due to superior audio quality
  • Microphones and speaker are wireless and independent of each other, so a variety of microphones can be used
  • No wires to operate the conference phone so you can dial from anywhere in the room!
  • The Revolabs FLX system replaces the need for separate desk and conference phones
  • Private calls can be made with a handset
  • The dialer is used to set up a conference call, or works like a telephone for handset calls
  • Dialer has high resolution color LCD display, support for multiple callers, 12 key telephone keypad, 2 context sensitive soft keys, answer/hang-up keys, 5 key cursor and control panel
  • Use Revolabs FLX as an audio interface with your video conferencing unit; the system is compatible with all major brands of video conferencing systems
  • For call participants without Internet access, you can connect phone calls into your video session at any time
  • Bluetooth connectivity is integrated into the Revolabs FLX so that the speaker and microphones can connect to your cell phone or computer
  • With the security of an encrypted voice signal, no one will be able to listen in on the signal sent between the microphones, the speaker, and the base station
  • Digital RF wireless operating in the globally accepted 1.9GHz ISM band, minimizes interference with other technology in your environment
  • Revolabs FLX does not steal bandwidth from your WiFi network, and will not interfere with UHF and other radio signals
  • Cell phone interference is eliminated through Revolabs RF Armor Technology
  • All microphones and speakers support wide band audio (80 -11,000 Hz), delivering natural sounding audio
  • Acoustic echo canceller for speaker and microphone; line echo canceller for analog telephone line
  • System setup takes only a few simple steps
  • Speaker and microphones have up to 8 hour talk time
  • Charge time takes 2 hours (charger base stores and charges the speaker, dialer and 2 microphones)
  • 1 year manufacture warranty
BTP Model: CP-FLX2-002
MFR Part: 10-FLX2-002-POTS

Additional information

Weight 78.00 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 14.00 × 4.50 in


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User Guide FLX2 Analog

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Manufacture Discontinued.


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