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How We Delivered Call Center Audio Solutions For Nation’s Largest Wireless Carrier

Project Overview

Nation’s largest wireless carrier employs more than 10,000 agents who provide high touch support to their customers. This carrier has the highest NPS (Net Promoter Score) ratings and takes the quality of customer service very seriously. BTP, as their primary headset suppliers, was tasked with refreshing the headsets across 15+ call centers that were migrating from a Cisco desk phone to Cisco Jabber application.

BTP Services Snapshot

  • Headsets solutioning
  • Headset helpdesk
  • Warranty fulfillment

Understanding The Challenge

Upgrading technology across 15+ call centers for 10,000+ users is no small feat. This customer must make sure the users are trained for the new technology and the headsets are deployed smoothly without any negative impact to the call center operations.

How BTPI Implemented The Solution

We went through an elaborate set of questions to assess what is important to the customer and narrowed down 2 options that met all the requirements while staying within the budget. We procured 8-10 seed units to be sent out to call centers that are in different geographic locations so we can make sure headsets are working as expected in different environments. We ran a small pilot test with a selected set of users and collected the feedback. Based on the feedback, we settled on the final model that the pilot users liked the most and settled that model as the standard for the call center agents. We also sent a few wireless units for the call center supervisors to test that will give them the freedom to move around the floor and set those as a standard for the supervisors after receiving positive feedback.

Once the headsets were tested, we worked with the manufacturer to set up corporate discount for volume purchase of headsets and got an approval from the procurement team for the headsets to be added to SAP Ariba catalog. We created additional quick on-boarding and troubleshooting guide and distributed them to the call center supervisors who can use them to order these headsets in future.


How BTP Made a Difference

The headset solutioning process is a high touch process that BTP offered to this customer at no extra cost. Being fully aware of how big this project was, we had to make sure that not only the product is durable, but also that the manufacturer is going to stand by any issues that may occur after the sale.

For example, when the agents had any issues with the headsets, they would call BTP for support and if we find out that the headset is not working as expected, we will remotely file the claim with the manufacturer to overnight a replacement headset at no cost to the customer. This level of high touch service from BTP saved over 40% of the cost of headsets over the lifetime of the headsets.

After using the headsets for over a year, the customer requested if we could enable a side-by-side listening solution for the USB headsets. Unfortunately, it is not possible to confer two USB headsets. We had to think outside the box to figure something out as we wanted to protect the investment that the customer had made by purchasing thousands of such headsets. BTP contacted the Poly product engineering team for brainstorming a solution. Fortunately, we were able to leverage the intermediate 3.5mm connection found in the bottom wire of the headset where another headset could be plugged in. Viola, we had a solution. Poly rapidly developed a prototype, and we seeded the prototypes across multiple call center environments for testing. After two iterations, the prototype solution was approved by the customer, and we had a solution for their unique problem.


A unique 3.5mm adapter for the Blackwire C5220 headsets.

This solution became so successful that it was deployed to the call centers of another wireless carrier that the customer acquired. BTP established a process where the customer will place a stocking PO 6-months in advance and BTP will procure and hold the product at no storage fee in their warehouse so when the future call center opens, they do not have to deal with any delay.

BTP is the only headset vendor that stands behind the headset solution they provide with a lifetime support for troubleshooting and warranty fulfilment. When the call center supervisors or agents are having any issues with their headsets, they call BTP’s helpdesk service instead of their in-house IT service desk. If we find that a headset has gone into a non-working status, BTP will use its own account to file a warranty claim to expedite the shipping of the replacement device.

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