Some of our customers have 24/7 call centers or two shifts that share the same desk. A question we hear often is, œHow can we use wireless headsets and share a desk when the battery charge on the wireless headset only lasts for one shift? The good news for them“and possibly for you too“is that Plantronics makes some nifty accessories to tackle this specific issue.

For current model wireless headsets including Savi W700 series, W400 series and CS500 series “ a separate charging unit is available! Each agent can have their own headset fully charged for the shift. Sharing headsets is not recommended for sanitary reasons anyway. (Seriously, who wants to share a headset with someone else?)

single charger

Single-Unit Charging Base


5-Unit Charging Base

You can get a single charge base with spare headset and cradle for an individual, or a 5-unit charge station with 5 spare headsets and cradles for a team. The components are modular, and you snap them together to make your charging station. You can order just the headset or just the cradle if needed.

W740 headset & cradle                 Savi 720 Headset and Cradle Accessory multi-shift

At the end of the shift, the headset goes in the multi-shift charger. At the start of a shift, put the charged headset into the system at the workstation, and double press the base subscription button to pair.

Please give us a call and we can talk about your particulars and how this might work for your organization. We look forward to hearing from you.