Why constant headset maintenance?

Do you have a headset box similar to this?

Headsets can be a hidden area of budget waste for organizations, and this is often the case. Warranties are often not used and headsets are seen as disposable, regardless of the fact that they may cost upwards of $200. The dirty little secret of the headset industry is that many headsets are thrown away unnecessarily when thought to be faulty. Especially wireless headsets.

A BTP Help Desk study found that over 80% of the time a headset that was suspected to be faulty didn™t need a purchased replacement after all. Many wireless headsets can be revived with the correct settings, pairing again to the charge base, a new battery or replacement parts. This box has $14,000 worth of  headsets that were thought to be broken. The astounding fact is that 80% were found to be working by the experts at BTP.

How can headsets impact your business?

It’s no secret that overall and across industries customers today are increasingly unhappy. They are losing patience with companies who suffer from poor voice quality”it™s a consumer™s market, they have choices. A recent study found 42% of all contact center calls are affected by voice related issues. An astounding 68% of customers say that they simply hang up if they have trouble hearing an agent. Further, if customers encounter difficulties when they are calling about a new service or product “ they will turn to a competitor instead. Not only that, poor communication negatively affects employee satisfaction and retention.

It is our responsibility to ensure the last five feet of the connection is not a point of failure. Small things can lead to major problems if they’re not looked after. This is why the BTP Help Desk stresses proper maintenance of headsets, because communication impacts the bottom line and overall health of a company.