Plantronics combined 2 unified communications audio devices as a bundle. This is a great solution if you want a single Bluetooth wireless headset to manage your desk phone, PC, and mobile calls in the office. Then you can take the Bluetooth headset on the road.

MDA200 connects to a landline desk phone and PC, while Voyager Legend UC Bluetooth headset (included) pairs to your mobile phone. This new bundle started shipping Q1 2016, and makes  a lot of sense for customers who are in and out of the office a lot.

MDA200 Voyager Legend UC Bundle

MDA200 Voyager Legend UC Bundle

The bundle (BTP model PL-LGNDMDA) includes Voyager Legend UC charging travel case.

Voyager Legend charge case

Voyager Legend UC (B235) charge case recharges headset for up to 21 hours talk time