Plantronics announced their first ever enterprise Bluetooth neckband headset. It is designed for softphones so you can pair it to your mobile device and PC with the mini dongle that’s included. The neckband vibrates on incoming calls and alerts! New Voyager 6200 UC is a fresh new design for the business world and is Skype for Business Certified.

Considerable Time Invested in Usability of this Headset

The Plantronics human factors team spent a lot of time designing the ear buds. They don’t go in the ear, but rest on the outside and provide passive noise cancelling.  The fit is stable and the sound is really good even when moving your head side to side. A new feature is the built in red LED online indicator light (OLI) – a deterrent to those who want to walk up and talk to you when you are on a call.

Stylish and Functional Works

Plantronics 6200 UC is perfect for open office environments.  The Active Noise Canceling (ANC) provides a full immersive experience for the user and effectively blocks out surrounding distractions so workers can concentrate on calls. The comfortable earbuds seal in sound and block out noise so you can hear “ a great combination of features. Voyager 6200 offers fantastic background noise cancellation benefiting both you and your caller.

Additional features include premium hi-fi wideband stereo sound for music, and four omni directional boomless microphones to pick up your voice. These 4 mics are built into the ends of the U-shaped neckband (2 on each side similar to Voyager 8200 UC) – there is no microphone boom in front of your face like traditional headsets.

New Neckband Headset offers Freedom

Class 1 Bluetooth lets you go up to 98 feet and it’s tested for up to 11 hours of talk time.  You get voice alerts for connection, remaining battery time and a dynamic mute alert (reminds you when your mic is muted). You can work seamlessly across all your devices. It’s a great value and a user friendly work tool, especially for professionals on the go.

In the Box

Voyager PL-B6200-B (the BTP model number) comes with a hard shell travel case, a BT600 USB adapter, a desktop charge stand and a micro USB charge cable

Order yours now!

Available in two colors: Black (PL-B6200-B) – expected to ship in February or Sand (PL-B6200-S) – expected to ship in March 2018.