Breaking news for call centers migrating to softphones! Companies who thought they would have to invest in all new USB headsets can keep using their existing corded headsets. Plantronics developed a new switcher device called MDA100 QD that connects to corded H-series headsets, which means call center headsets with a quick disconnect (QD).

EncorePro and SupraPlus headset models (the most widely used call center headsets) are compatible with MDA100 QD. Now call centers and enterprise offices can make the transition from desk phones to softphones without reinvesting huge amounts of money into purchasing all new USB headsets.

MDA100QD with HW720 QD Headset used on desk phone and laptop

Small MDA100 QD device shown with HW720 call center headset (headset not included)

Works Great for PC-based Trainings

This device also allows customer service representatives (CSRs) to switch the audio source from their landline desk phone to their PC to listen to PC-based trainings or voicemail if they need to. It is designed to let you switch back and forth. The 10-foot coil cord QD cable is included, and makes it easy for users to detach their headsets for break, like they are used to doing. The coil cord allows the extra room to move about freely during conversations; whereas USB corded headsets have a much shorter cord. The non-slip base stays where you want it on the desk. What a great invention!

Easy to see mute

Tiny box lets you switch back and forth from desk phone to PC audio using a corded QD style call center headset

MDA100 QD is Future-Ready

Plug-and-play design makes the MDA100 QD future-ready for PCs & Macs, desk phones & softphones. Use it now with desk phones “ then use it later for softphones. No user training is required. The Phone-to-PC switch is simple to use and lets you toggle back and forth between desk phone and PC audio. There is an easy to see button with a red visual mute status that makes it simple for the user to silence calls on mute with confidence.

Compatible with Virtually all Desk Phones

The 6-position configuration switch on the bottom makes it compatible with nearly every desk phone. If you have Avaya or Cisco phones for example, this product works fine. Basically it works with any desk phone that an existing Plantronics corded headset works with.

User Updatable Firmware

With Plantronics Hub software installed the firmware is user upgradeable. Alternatively, you can use Plantronics Manager Pro (purchased separately) for effortless management by the IT staff for centralized inventory control and pushing firmware updates.

Simple. Intuitive. Seamless. Designed to enable great customer experiences.

To wrap it up, call centers transitioning to PC audio now have the option of keeping their current corded headsets, rather than purchasing new USB headsets. The new MDA100 QD switcher is designed for use in call intensive environments, and connects to the QD of Plantronics headsets you already own. This new device can save thousands of dollars in headset replacement costs.

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