You may have already read our blog about this event or learned about it elsewhere, but we wanted to mention it again, just in case you haven’t registered yet or were still undecided.

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014 High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. (HTHTS) will be presenting The Art of Service, Leadership and Technology. The venue is Redmond Marriott Town Center, in Redmond, Washington.

The cost is $79 for all day. Often people can’t attend educational events because of budget issues. But this educational opportunity is easy to justify paying $79 for.

HTHTS has been advising companies for over three decades on how to maximize effectiveness in the contact center and help desk environment. If you can get away from your desk next Tuesday, it will be a day well spent. You™ll be learning side by side with other professionals that may be struggling with the same issues you are.

Tony North, Brad Worthley, Carla Corkern and Ivy Meadors will be presenting material on the three essential areas for contact centers and service desks: customer service, leadership and technology. You’ll be hearing all 4 speakers.

Why The Art of Service, Leadership and Technology?

HTHTS CEO, Ivy Meadors

Speaker – Author Technology, Generational Leadership, Thought & Executive Leadership

Ivy Meadors, HTHTS CEO says: Tony and I came up with this event idea, based on our years of experience in the contact center and service desk industry. We designed a day of education and networking to include material that we, ourselves, would pay to hear, even though we respectively have 20, and 35 years of experience.

It was imperative that the content was fresh, challenging, and provide innovative and timely material. We wanted the content to meet the needs of people who have been in the industry for 10, 15, or over 20 years, plus for those who are just starting out in the service and support industry.”

Not a Pitch Fest

According to Ivy, many of the tools and processes they will be teaching you about are low to no cost, and not sold by them, so this is not a “pitch fest”  event. I love that “pitch fest!” Oh my goodness, is that to say that some sales people are uh well, too much like outdated pushy sales people? (The point here is that there won’t be any of them at this event.)

Ivy gave this exmaple for an idea to creatively use an app to get value:  “How to Run a Contest on Instagram for Your Business”. 

Set up an Instagram account for your call center or help desk group. You could set up a scavenger hunt or some sort of game for everyone to play.  Makes the job a little more interesting – reward people for the work efforts, etc.

Call Centers and help desks always have recognition activities – why not use Instagram and share the recognition! You could have staff members create Instagram contests for the customers to play, creating more customer engagement, resulting in selling more products and services.

“Our company doesn’t let us use social applications at work.” Everyone is already using social apps, so why not use them to benefit the group and have people learning while they do it.  The tools are no cost and the staff already knows how to use them, so you don’t even have to pay for training.

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