Chances are, if you’ve ever called into a technology helpline, you’ve heard the term “Have you tried turning it off, and back on again?” at least once. These kinds of interactions can be frustrating and feel pointless, leaving a bad taste in the mouth. Why do they bother asking the questions they choose, and why does it seem like they don’t think you understand how your device works? For our Headset Help Desk, this isn’t the case. We ask these questions to make sure that we have enough information to successfully find the cause of the issue, and get you back up and running. There are generally ten questions from the Headset Help Desk that we run through.

Ten Questions from the Headset Help Desk. IT Support never really changes.
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A little insight can be a great thing. Today we’re going to discuss Ten Questions from the Headset Help Desk experts, and the purpose behind them.

Is the headset powered on?

I know this feels like a no-brainer. There are many different makes and models of headset, with various buttons and switches that control headset power. These can be jostled when being put in the charge cradle, or while moving the headset from place to place, and this can power them off accidentally.  Before we get into settings or anything more complex, we need the headset to be ON.

Is the base station powered?

If your headset has a base station that it routes calls/sound through, there should be lights on it. The different colors of lights on the base station are another level of testing, but if there are no lights on the base station at all we need to fix that problem first.

Does the headset require a USB adapter?

Headsets that connect to the computer often come with a USB dongle that creates a connection between the headset and the computer. This is often small and can be easily overlooked when unboxing the headset. If it came with one, this is crucial to create a strong connection to the computer with the best sound quality.

Is the headset set as your default sound device for both speakers and microphone?

This is one of the most common hurdles to setting up a brand-new unit that connects to a PC or Mac. The device should be set as the default for speakers and microphone, as well as in all softphone or dialing applications. This can fix many issues that arise through computer use.

Has anything about your settings, headset, or desk phone changed recently?

Often when there are updates, password changes, phone reboots, or long vacations away, headsets can go through various changes as well. It’s a good place to look when you’re having trouble, especially if you’ve been away and the headset has been unused for a time.

What model is your headset? Is your headset dual ear, single ear, or an earbud style?

This can also seem like a no-brainer, but there are many different makes and models of headset with different uses and connectivity types. Knowing the exact model we’re working with can help us get your problem solved much faster.

Is the headset charged/charging?

Has it been sitting in the cradle charging for days, or did you just pull it out of the box to do that first setup? Has the battery been holding a charge, or is it becoming more unreliable? These are important questions to narrow down whether the headset is having power issues, which can lead to other complications.

What have you done so far to try and get it to work?

This is so that we can make that we aren’t covering the same ground again. If you’ve already done some work towards troubleshooting, we would love to know! If your IT or telecom people have helped you already, knowing what they’ve done is helpful as well.

Did this symptom happen suddenly, or is it an intermittent issue?

Is the problem you’re experiencing one that has happened before, or is it something that is new? If this has happened periodically in the past, that might be a different issue than an immediate change.

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

This is my favorite way to end an interaction, and an opening for the user to ask whatever they’d like to know! Do you have a question about headset functions, sound settings, how to get it to auto-pause media when you jump into a meeting? I’m happy to walk you through your device’s unique features! Our Help Desk has a wide range of knowledge, and is happy to help you get the most out of your device.