There seems to be new etiquette emerging around voice conversations at work, and this is being driven by open work environments without cubicle walls. Now you can see everyone, so communication styles and habits may need some adjusting. Open style work environments are supposed to encourage collaboration and invite more open communication, thus more productivity.

That™s all great until you are busy on a Lync or SfB call and someone walks up and starts talking to you not realizing you are deep in a conversation or project. Maybe they aren™t looking at your monitor, but for whatever reason, these interruptions are  frustrating and they break concentration and decrease productivity.

Busylight helps concentration and productivity.

Never miss a call. Stay focused.

To address this type of communication blunder, Busylight is one inexpensive and practical answer.

It lights up to show others your œPresence (availability status) and it flashes blue when you have an incoming call. Because more people are wearing wireless headsets and walking around, this little 4-inch light can help communication and concentration. You can mount it on top of the monitor so team members can see it from all directions “ it™s fun!

Colors change when your presence changes

It should be noted, Busylight is not compatible with the consumer version of Skype (the free version). It is designed for Skype for Business (SfB).

Learn more about Busylight on our web site and view hilarious the video here!