Are you shopping for call center headsets, but aren’t sure where to start?

We’ve been providing call center headsets to customers for over 2 decades and have seen the industry shift in various ways over the years. The current landscape of CCaaS apps and platforms, the biggest hurdle seems to be which devices are a good fit with your system, and what wearing style is preferred by the user.

What’s stood the test of time, and what’s new? Let’s get into it.

Top 5 Best Selling Headsets for CCaaS Platforms:

  1. Poly Blackwire 5220 (PL-C5220) – Hands down our bestselling CC headset! Dual-eared, USB A headset with an inline controller that has a 3.5mm stereo jack. Perfect for use with the Y training adapter for Blackwire 5200 headsets.
  2. Poly Blackwire 3220 (PL-C3220) – The more cost-effective version of Blackwire headset. USB A, dual-eared headset, with an inline controller – but no 3.5mm stereo jack.
  3. Poly Blackwire 5210 (PL-C5210) – The single-eared version of the Blackwire 5200, perfect for active environments where users need an ear open.
  4. Jabra BIZ 2325 (GN-BIZ2325) – Our most popular Jabra Quick Disconnect headset. Dual ear, and needs a USB Quick Disconnect amp to function, like the Link230.
  5. Poly HW520 (PL-HW520) – Dual ear quick disconnect headset. Great for hotdesking, this headset needs a USB Quick Disconnect amp either with inline controls or without, depending on your connectivity needs.

What about training?

Side-by-side training is another consideration that you may need to make. Do you need your agents physically training with a supervisor, or are there features in the application you could be utilizing that would help?

If you need a solution for side-by-side training, we did a post about it here.

PL-217008-01 Y-Training Splitter for C5200 headsets

Will these headsets work with my softphone?

Without a doubt, all of these headsets will work with your softphone. The better question is whether you want that headset to have call controls within the app. Not all softphone apps have the ability to answer and end calls from the headset, so you should research the abilities of the app itself first.

What we’ve found is that many apps have basic abilities: volume up and down, mute and unmute, however they may lack call answer and end abilities.

The other consideration would be the control APIs that allow call answer and end with minimal integrated specialized code. These are often available for apps in partnership with headset manufacturers and can make all the difference for your connectivity.

Looking to migrate to a softphone soon?

That’s great! If you’re not sure whether your current device landscape will translate to the new platform, we’ve got you covered. Setup up a consultation call today, and we can go over what you have to help you position yourself for softphone success!