Chances are, you found your way here because you’re having a specific problem with your Poly headset that works in tandem with a BT700 USB dongle.

You likely own a Dell PC, or were given one by your work. The symptom might sound like you’re speaking through a tunnel, or from under water, making calls hard to hear for those listening. Let’s talk through the whys of this, and how to fix it.

If you have either of the two dongles on the right, this could apply to you!

PC Sound Application Woes

Dell PCs are notorious for having their own sound mixer issues stemming from the Waves MaxxAudioPro application. If you’re anything like me and you don’t use your PC for audio editing, you’ve probably never noticed this application. It acts as a PC sound equalizer and sound mixer that rounds out the sounds going out of AND coming into your system.

Below is how the BT700 shows up in the application.

How the dashboard appears when using the BT700 in conjunction with a headset.

By itself, the program isn’t problematic. However, when used with a headphone input, it changes the quality of the sound to and from the headset. This can be detrimental depending on the device, as many manufacturers have their own equalization capabilities built into the headset that don’t always play nicely with other programs altering them.

How to Fix It

There are a few sliders we should turn off to get the audio back to normal. First, in this Playback tab, you can turn off the slider on the left-hand side to disable equalization of the sound. This will stop the program from altering the sound coming INTO the headphones.

Playback slider in the OFF position.

Next, we’ll need to go to the Voice tab to turn off the slider there. This will stop the program from altering sound going OUT from the headset.

Voice settings in the ON position.

Toggle the slider to OFF to stop the program from changing or modulating the sound.

Voice tab slider in the OFF position.

Now for the real test!

After changing settings within your PC, it’s always good to power your headset off, unplug the USB dongle, then re-plug it in and power the headset back on. Do a test call to see if your audio settings have improved! If they did, then you know that this application was the culprit. If you’re still having sound issues, give us a call at the Headset Help Desk! We’re happy to help get you back up and running.