BTP is pleased to announce that starting in 2015, Plantronics headsets will begin shipping in smaller boxes! This will reduce shipping waste and be greener. Also, the new headset boxes will be made of recycled material and they should be easier to break down and fold flat for recycling. The transition from old to new packaging will take place over the next 18 months or so.

Smaller and Greener in 2015

New headset packaging to be greener and smaller

Smaller greener headset boxes

The timing couldn’t be better for smaller Plantronics headset boxes, according to BTP warehouse manager, Diana Lousberg. UPS is implementing new rates in 2015. New rates will be figured based on box weight and size which is dimensional weight (DIM weight). DIM weight is calculated by package length X width X height. In essence, the new UPS formula compares physical weight with DIM weight, and whichever is greater is the new rate. We don’t like those apples.

Learn more about UPS 2015 rate changes.

FedEx has rate hikes taking effect on Monday, January 5, 2015. Surprise-surprise. Their web site states an average of 4.9% increase for FedEx Ground.

View FedEx 2015 rate information and FAQ.

BTP expects the shipping cost for wireless headsets may increase up to 40% in January. We plan to absorb this increase, at least until we have a better idea of the new Plantronics headset box sizes.  Just expect Plantronics headset boxes to start shrinking some in 2015.