Updated April 2018:  Plantronics has reversed the EOL notice for MX10. BTP will be happy to provide MX10 amplifiers as a special order item. Part number is 43404-31.

Below was published July 2016:
Plantronics MX10 Headset Switcher Audio Processor (P/N 43404-31) has come to its EOL. It’s been a solid product for many years. MX10 allowed you to use one Plantronics Quick Disconnect H-series headset for landline desk phone calls and PC audio (via 3.5mm). It was developed back when sound cards were commonly used for PC sound. MX10 cables plugged into the two 3.5mm ports in a PC sound card – one for listening sound and the other for microphone.

Unified Communications Requires USB

Fast forward to 2016 – the Unified Communications trend has changed the preference from 3.5mm to USB connection for PC sound. It™s dramatically better in terms of processing IP sound, and high quality USB headsets and speakers are now widely available.

MDA200 Multi Device Adapterpl-mda220

Plantronics MDA220 Multi Device Adapter (P/N 207414-03) is the official replacement for MX10. It™s been on the market several years, and is a great product. MDA220 plugs  into a PC USB port instead of a sound card. Note: MDA220 replaced MDA200 early 2017.

It serves the same function – you can use one headset for PC audio and landline desk phone calls. One of the great features is you can connect wireless UC headsets! Just plug in the dongle to the front of MDA220. Plantronics Bluetooth UC headsets such as Voyager Focus UC or Voyager Legend UC are compatible. Of course, it is also compatible with Plantronics wired USB headsets, such as Blackwire series. Or you can plug in a Plantronics H-top headset with DA series USB audio processor.

New Firmware Update for MDA220 Expands Compatibility

The recent firmware update for MDA220 expanded the list of compatible headsets. Now the choices are unlimited with Plantronics USB headsets to give you the perfect sound with PC and desk phone. Prior to the update, only certain USB headsets were compatible.

QD to 3.5mm Cable for PC Sound Card

If you need to connect an H-series headset to a sound card, there is a Plantronics quick disconnect cable to dual 3.5mm – P/N 28959-01. This alternative is great for PC training or speech recognition.

Feel free to call BTP with any questions. We will be happy to help you select the best setup for your needs.

4/18: originally this article referred to MDA200, which was later replaced by MDA220.