There are some classic “standby” headsets in this list. We had to take a double look at some. Mirage and TriStar are a couple of decades old, and customers have enjoyed them. However, Plantronics says it’s finally time for this list of headsets and adapters to go.

The products below will be reaching end of life in the next few months. Their replacements have been available for a while. EncorePro 500 series is the current corded headset line. All wearing styles are available, so everyone can be happy.

These are links so you can see the old and new product:

EOL Product in 2016 Replacement Product
H141 DuoSet EncorePro 540
H171 DuoPro EncorePro 540
H41 Mirage EncorePro 530
H81 Tristar EncorePro 530
DA40 USB adapter DA70 USB adapter
DA45 USB adapter DA80 USB adapter
DA55 & DA60 USB adapters No direct replacement – suggest DA80