When it comes to workplace safety and staying healthy, look no further than your own workstation. Office workers and call center agents spend nearly half their waking hours at their workstation. Telephones, keyboards and computer mice are especially germ-ridden, which leads to the spread of colds and flu around the workplace. And unbelievably, headsets can harbor germs for years!

According to a revealing study by University of Arizona microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, office workers who were told to clean their desks with disinfecting wipes reduced bacterial levels by 99%. View University of Arizona Research Study Highlights.

Germ cartoon illustrating the types of headset horrors that you may find if you don't clean your headsets; from the BTP blog.

Workplace desks dirtier than a toilet seat?

According to an article published in the Chicago Tribune, those of us who eat lunch while working at our computer would be better off dining on a toilet seat. Sound distasteful? The problem is that most people don™t clean their workstations and equipment with any frequency. Adding to the germ build-up is the fact that office equipment may be shared by multiple users.

BTP to the rescue!

Fortunately for you, BTP stocks special œalcohol free individually wrapped Cleaners for Headsets & Workstations that clean headsets, mobile devices, telecom equipment, keyboards, mice, etc. without damaging electronics, cords and surfaces. You should never use a cleaning product that contains alcohol because alcohol is flammable and it can damage cords and plastics by making them brittle and worn-looking. At only $9 for a 100-pack or $29 for 1,000 individually wrapped towelettes, you don™t have to spend a lot to keep your workstation clean enough for a working lunch. Ask for a sample with your next order!