In a previous article published back in March, we mentioned a temporary production hold for 2 new EncorePro headband style headsets. Today Plantronics announced the EncorePro HW510 and HW520 headsets are expected to become available again in October 2015. We are all happy to learn the updated headsets fully meet Plantronics exacting standards, and will be orderable starting August 1, 2015.

The Following is from the Official Plantronics Update:

EncorePro 510 Monaural New Plantronics call center heads

EncorePro 510 Monaural corded headset for Call Centers and Enterprise

“When we designed the new EncorePro 510/520 headsets we wanted to set new standards for comfort, design and performance. We found that to manufacture consistently to the standards for which we are known, we needed to revisit the design and develop new hard-steel tooling at our own Plamex manufacturing facility”a lengthy process.

The EncorePro 530, 540, 710 and 720 are all available now, and fully meet our standards. When the EncorePro 510 and 520 join them, it will make up our most-complete portfolio yet, and we have high confidence for continued success.”

As October approaches BTP will keep customers appraised of estimated ship dates. Please call BTP if  you have any questions or would like to place early orders.