This impressive new double ear wireless headset is the answer to some of the cries for more quiet time from workers in open area environments. While recognizing that constant communication amongst team members is critically important, the popular open area and low-cubical high-collaboration office design is wreaking havoc for some workers who have a hard time concentrating with constant noise distractions.

Open Office Noise Problem

Noise has become a serious workplace problem. Organizations everywhere have adopted the open work environment. In large enterprises prairie-dogging has become the norm “ you can stand up at your (shrinking) work area and see everyone in the department. The noise problem is two-fold: first it is hard for the worker to hear the person on the other end of the call because of ambient room noise. The room noise tends to get louder as the day gets busier, and people will talk louder to compensate. Plus the surrounding noise level is elevated now because cubical walls have gone lower, and there is less sound-absorption. Big open spaces plus hard surfaces like windows and monitor screens bounce sound in every direction. Mobile phone calls don™t help the matter either, because people are calling in from airports and other loud areas that can make it difficult to comprehend all the words and have an effective conversation.

Part two of the issue is that the ambient room noise is also affecting what the customer is hearing, and customers are complaining. Think about the last time you received a telemarketing call from a œboiler room type environment…it didn™t make you feel very important, did it? When customers hear a lot of background noise, they can tend to question how well you are listening to them and maybe even how much your company cares.  Noise distraction for both sides of the call is a problem, one that Plantronics has spent a lot of time and research on.

B8200 UC Headset Solves Noisy Background Issues

Voyager B8200 UC has no mic boom – mics are in the front of the ear cups

Up until now, the best solution has been to double check microphone positioning to be sure it is only pointing at the mouth, and not picking up all the background noise. And also to use a double ear (binaural) headset, preferably with leatherette ear cushions. In September 2017 Plantronics released a new UC headset that specifically addresses both sound issues “ what the user hears and what the caller hears.

The new Plantronics boom less Bluetooth stereo headset is made to isolate business professionals from their noisy surroundings, and it does it very effectively. Boom-less means there is no microphone boom arm in front of your face like traditional office headsets. Instead there are 2 microphones built into the front of the cover-the-entire ear style ear cups! These big plush ear cushions go around the entire ear and rest on the head, rather than sitting on the ears. Two œbeam-forming microphones detect and amplify the headset wearer™s voice, while two additional microphones detect and block out surrounding noise, even loud music!

B8200 UC Wireless Headset for Office

Microphones are built into the front of the ear pads, and point at the mouth, not the rest of the room. This design eliminates nearly all of the background noise from being heard by your customers or callers.

State of the art features include enhanced noise cancelling, Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), dynamic mute alert, smart sensors and more. Voyager 8200 is a premium wireless headset that also connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth v4.1. If you need a headset to use with a landline desk phone, just connect it to PL-MDA220 and you will be in a world all your own.

To learn more and order B8200, click here to go to PL-B8200-B on BTP’s web site.

Read Plantronics official press release about Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headset.