Telecom Reseller published an interesting article 9/1/15 titled “New Study Debunks the Myth of the Disengaged Millennial”.  Mattersight Corporation conducted the survey and the results are contrary to the belief that millennials are smartphone addicts who prefer to text rather than talk face-to-face or over the phone. Over 1,000 millennials were surveyed and over half said that outside of work they prefer to communicate in person.

How do you like us now
Results showed only one percent of millennials prefer to contact a brand on social media for customer service purposes. Further, the majority prefer to call a customer service line and talk to a human being, but are deterred from doing so because they have had so many frustrating experiences in the past.

Thank goodness live human interaction will not be going away soon. When the topic is important or time sensitive, or if there is a lot of detail involved, live human-to-human conversations are preferred. No matter what age group.