Presence status can be easily seen

Presence status can be easily seen

Many companies have rolled out Skype for Business (SfB) and are now realizing they are missing calls. Why? Because some PCs have no speakers or they are muted and the headset is on the desk – unable to be heard. (Maybe the “Also ring” box has not been checked in SfB Audio Device Settings.) This causes a large number of calls to be missed every day which results in bad performance and frustrations with the new SfB system. This can have an impact on user adoption, and management decisions causing project delays.

When companies are moving away from desk phones to a softphone environment, some basic functions are lost “ in particular, a reliable ringer. This is one reason a huge number of companies still struggle to get the needed user satisfaction when shifting to softphones. Therefore you need to plan for a successful SfB roll out to close the gap on the basic missing telephone functions in SfB.

The new Busylight UC Omega (BTP model ZZ-OMEGALIGHT) is designed for open cubicle areas and resolves some SfB communication snafus. For $44.95 this simple accessory improves employee satisfaction by offering the following:

1. Rings and flashes on incoming calls preventing missed calls.

2. Message waiting indication – notification alert on missed calls and IMs (flashes every 4 seconds).

3. Provides a visual presence to the open office stopping interruptions (red=do not disturb, green=available, yellow=away, blue flashing=incoming call).

4. Promotes successful headset adoption – others can see you are busy and it stops them from interrupting when you’re on calls.

Rings and/or flashes upon incoming calls

Too many employees complain about the work environment. Actually, two out of three employees feel that their colleagues disturb too much. Busylight UC Omega offers individual control and lets co-workers tell each other whether they are available or not.

Busylight UC Omega is simple to plug into a USB port and use. No AC power required. Please note: Busylight UC is not compatible with Mac.

To learn more or purchase, please click here to go to Busylight UC Omega on our web page.