In the last couple of months, we began shipping the newly designed CS500 series packaging.  In an effort to conserve on materials and move toward greener packaging, Plantronics redesigned the CS500 boxes to be about 30% smaller. Way to go Plantronics!


The cardboard is recycled, and it™s no longer slick white

The new boxes are natural brown cardboard color and they take up less space in the shipping carton, so they help minimize overall shipping expense. UPS shipping rates are calculated on DIM weight, which is size of box (length X width X height) and weight of the box. But unfortunately, even though fuel costs are down, freight pricing has not dropped, but BTP remains hopeful.

The packaging transition is a part of an overall plan taking place over an 18-month span

We expect that eventually all the product boxes will have the new greener look, but for now we are shipping a mixture of both. The CS500 series models affected are CS530/CS540/CS540-XD/CS545-XD wireless DECT headset systems. Model numbers are unaffected.