It has been several years since an upgraded USB headset adapter for corded headsets has been released by Plantronics. DA45 and DA40 have been the high runners and have done a great job. And a lot has evolved in the way we touch our customers. Aside from social media and softphone technology, contact centers have embraced the work at home agent model. And the fact remains that customer service is still king!

People Still Don™t Want to Talk to a Machine

When you have a complex problem that needs to be solved, you want to call in and talk live. And that means the sound quality and echo-noise canceling technology had better be working. And you don™t want to be hearing every other conversation going on around the agent. Let™s face it, the headset is the last 3 feet between the agent and the customer “ and it can make or break the success of the call.

Plantronics is creating products that enhance the customer relationship. According to Bill Loewenthal, Plantronics Vice President Enterprise Solutions, œThe DA80 is far more than a simple step forward in performance and usability for a USB connection device. It helps our customers provide smarter customer service and impact business outcomes. By building the Plantronics DA80 into their softphone strategy, our customers will be on a platform that will provide unprecedented insight into CSR and customer interactions, leading to real business results.”DA80 hand controls include answer/end, volume, and mute

The DA80 high-performance USB audio processor detects when the headset is disconnected, and can automatically activate screen locking for security compliance, report on call events, and more. It is compatible with all Plantronics H-series headsets.

Software Helps Track DA80 Inventory by Unique Serial Number

DA80 Integrates with Plantronics Manager Pro Software. To help further improve customer service, the DA80 helps agents provide better service with noise cancelling and echo cancellation. SoundGuard digital technology monitors and controls daily individual noise exposure to aid in compliance with workplace noise regulations such as Noise At Work, and eliminates sudden loud sounds that could cause agent discomfort.

Customer Service Centers that have transitioned or are transitioning from desk phones to PC-based softphones, and new sites starting out with softphones should consider DA80. Product is shipping now and the price is the same as DA45. Please call BTP if you’d like to discuss your application.

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