You can’t miss this one – the cords and accents on the new Plantronics 5200 series USB headsets are lava orange color!  The latest UC audio device combines some winning features from other recent Plantronics UC headsets.

Plantronics Blackwire 5220, Stereo, USB headset

Blackwire C5220, Stereo, USB headset (PL-5220)

Excellent Headband on Double Ear Model

The double ear C5220 model has the same headband as the super comfortable B825 Bluetooth headset. C5200 series is the first corded headset to incorporate this nice headband. The soft stretchy leatherette sling prevents the rigid metal from resting on your head. You always get a snug custom fit. The design is exceptionally comfortable for those who must wear a double ear (binaural) headset all day. More and more people have a desire to block out as much distraction as possible so they can concentrate on work. And this headset is effective at isolating the user from room noise.

Over Sized Pillow-soft Ear Cushions

The best feature is the over sized ear cushions which are covered with a buttery leatherette material.  Plantronics describes the ear pads as having passive noise canceling, meaning the physical design alone blocks out significant room noise for the user because they form fit to the ears. The microphone arm is nice and compact. It has ridge marks so people intuitively know to bend the microphone boom to the correct position, which is 1 to 2 fingers from the corner of the mouth.

Plantronics Blackwire 5210 , Monaural, USB

Blackwire C5210 , Monaural (single ear)

3.5mm Connection Included

The cable snaps apart at the inline controls to reveal the 3.5mm plug so you can connect the headset to your smart phone on the go. An innovative feature is the surround housing that prevents the 3.5mm pin from spinning around, which leads to a poor staticky connection – but not with this headset!

You can see the width of the adjustable headband is wider than usual, therefore we expect durability and longevity for power users. It comes with a neoprene zippered travel case for protection when you are on the go. As always, it includes Plantronics 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and full support from Business Telecom Products.

Both Blackwire 5210 and 5220 are available in standard USB and new USB-C versions, for a total of 4 new headset models.

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