Blackwire 225

When simplicity and price are the top priority for today™s mobile worker, Plantronics corded Blackwire C215 and C225 with a 3.5mm connection can fit the bill. This is a great corded headset for your mobile device.

Some people don™t care to use a Bluetooth wireless headset (for whatever reason). Maybe they don™t want the hassle of making sure the battery is always charged. Perhaps they are tired of losing their Bluetooth headset. This inexpensive corded headset is a great backup to have on hand. For about one-third the cost of a Bluetooth headset, Blackwire corded C200 series with 3.5mm connection lets you be hands free during mobile calls.

Blackwire C215/225 look like Plantronics entry level C300 USB series, only they are a 3.5mm connection instead of USB. There are two wearing options available: a hi-fi stereo (dual ear C225) and a mono (single ear C215). You get soft foam ear cushions and an adjustable rubber coated headband so it stays put. Both models fold flat to fit in your bag, or you can purchase an optional carry case on this web site for ease of transportation.

BTP Recommends for Light Use on Mobile Calls

Blackwire C225The inline volume, mute and answer/end controls let you manage mobile and tablet calls. However it is important to note – if you are connecting this headset to a PC or Mac (which we do not recommend) the inline answer/end control button does not work. The inline volume and mute controls are functional with a PC or Mac, but to answer and end softphone calls you must click on your screen.

Even though the 3.5mm connection plugs into a PC, is not designed to be interchangeable or take the place of a USB UC headset. The reason is because you will not get the important UC built in softphone features that certified USB headsets have. Also, it won™t be recognized by Plantronics Hub software, so individual user preference settings are not available for the PC or Mac. Further, one issue we™ve learned over the years is 3.5mm ports can eventually wear out and cause static after the cord has been twirled around so many times and plugged in and out a lot. For these reasons, BTP recommends using this new 3.5mm headset for light use (under 2 hours daily) and only with mobile devices.

Why C200 Series is Not Recommended for Softphones

If you are wondering why the 3.5mm connection is not recommended for UC business calls, below are some key reasons. In short, certified devices give you the best sound quality and the features that make softphones easy to use. Microsoft Certified devices must be noise canceling, have wideband audio for full sound, and have Microsoft firmware built into the software to guard against echo and offer optimum sound performance.

What Microsoft SfB Certified headsets have that this 3.5mm headset doesn’t:

1. Call ring detection through the device (desirable so you don™t miss calls) “ when a Skype for Business call comes in, you hear a pleasant ring tone in your headset.
2. Inline call controls work – answer/end, mute/unmute across devices and PC.
3. Audio quality embedded in the device – no echo or excessive glitches, noise canceling microphone helps minimize unwanted sounds being heard by your caller.
4. Wideband audio – also known as HD voice, for high definition voice quality for telephony audio, contrasted with standard digital telephony “toll quality”. It extends the frequency range of audio signals transmitted over telephone lines, resulting in higher quality speech.

More technically stated, Microsoft SfB Certified devices are enumerated differently. USB enumeration is the process of detecting, identifying, and loading drivers for a USB device. Microsoft looks for a certain enumerator when you plug in a USB device that gives it the ringing through the device. When you plug in a certified audio device, it should automatically become the œDefault Communication Device that enables you to select a communication device for each audio rendering (Playback tab) and audio capturing (Recording tab).

See Alternative Blackwire C315/25 for Softphones – get USB and 3.5mm Connection plus Free Carry Case

C325 has USB and 3.5mm connection for ultimate versatility

C325  and C15 has USB and 3.5mm connection for ultimate versatility

If you need the USB connection for your softphone (so you get the features above) but like the idea of a corded mobile headset with 3.5mm, then take a look at Plantronics C315/25. This unique Blackwire version gives you both a USB and 3.5mm connection in one headset! In addition, it comes with carry case and leatherette ear cushions which seal out sound better than foam and are more comfortable for all day calls.

In review, if you want a headset mostly for a softphone on PC or Mac, BTP strongly recommends a USB headset. Blackwire USB versions are firmware updatable, Microsoft Certified, and won™t be subject to the typical 3.5mm port static over time. If you need a 3.5mm corded headset just for your mobile device for light use, the new C200 series is great.

Depending on what your needs are and how you work, there should be a headset that fits your needs. Please call BTP at 800-457-4287 for consultation and help in choosing the best audio device for your work style.