On August 2, 2016 Plantronics announced Ken Kannappan, president and chief executive officer, will retire as CEO. Effective Oct 2, 2016 Joe Burton, Plantronics executive vice president and chief commercial officer, will become president and chief executive officer.

Ken successfully led Plantronics through significant industry changes. He has been a popular and respected leader among distribution partners as well as internally. Back in the early 90s corded telephone headsets were all that was known. Fast forward to 2016 and wireless business headsets for softphones and headsets for working while on the road have become the norm. Headsets are  a necessity for Unified Communications and Plantronics has remained a fierce competitor.

BTP congratulates Ken for all of his accomplishments and leadership at Plantronics. We wish Ken a very happy and fun retirement! Read the entire Plantronics press release here.