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Unstoppable Beeping in Headset

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Problem: My wired or wireless Poly headset keeps beeping when I’m not in a call while in use with a PC.

Headsets have many notification tones that they utilize to let you know that there’s an incoming call or message. Softphone applications also have their own notifications that they utilize in conjunction with headsets.


-If using the headset with Microsoft Teams, quit all the way out of the app and re-open. Right-click the Teams app icon on your task bar, and click “Quit.” Then, re-open the app, and the beeping should stop.

-If using the headset with a non-Teams app, make sure the headset is set to that specific softphone application as default. This is especially important if you do utilize Teams as a messaging app alongside another application. To do this using the Plantronics Hub application, go to Settings, and the Softphone tab. You’ll need to choose your target softphone within the list and hit the APPLY button to keep the setting. In Poly Lens, go to the Settings cog at the top of the screen, and go to the Softphone tab. Select your softphone from the list.

-If you’re able to, check for firmware updates for the headset and its dongle, or updates to the softphone software that might be available.

Outcome: Headset should stop beeping.

Alternatives: If you would like further assistance, email us at info@btpi.com or call us at 1-800-457-4287.

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