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Unable to remotely answer calls through Plantronics Savi office headset

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Problem: “I can’t answer my desk phone calls from the button on the headset, even though the headset’s base station is hooked up with the desk phone. I have to press the headset button on the front of the phone to get the call to my headset.”


-Check the cable that’s connecting your headset base station to your desk phone. If it’s a small, black wire with a box that has a picture of a telephone handset in the middle it, then that’s a telephone interface cable. You’d need to purchase an EHS cable for your desk phone type to get remote call control.

-Make sure that your desk phone is set to “Plantronics EHS” or is “EHS Enabled.” This needs to be specified for Polycom and Cisco phones among others, or the cable won’t work as intended.

-If you’re using the office base station with a PC, download the Plantronics Hub or Poly Lens headset control application to change your target softphone in the app to allow for call control. Don’t forget to click the APPLY button to keep your changes!

Outcome: With the proper cable and settings adjustments, you should be able to remotely answer your calls directly from the headset.

Alternatives: If none of these steps help, feel free to reach out to us at 800-457-4287 or info@btpi.com.

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