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Turning Off Exclusive Mode for Softphones

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Problem: You’re using more than one VOIP or UC software such as NICE CXone or GENESYS alongside Teams, Slack or GoTo. However, you’ve found that your headset doesn’t have consistent call or volume control, or it will open one of the apps when you try to mute the headset.

If you’re using a PC, this can be mitigated by altering a sound setting at a system level called Exclusive Mode. Here’s where to find it.


-Navigate to the Sound panel by either typing “Change System Sounds” into the search bar of your PC, or by right click the speaker icon in your system tray and selecting Sounds. This should pop up the following window, and we’re navigating to the Recording tab.

-Once in the Recording tab, right click on the device at go to Properties. NOTE: If you’re using a Bluetooth headset with a USB dongle, you’ll need to select the USB dongle (such as a Poly BT700, or Jabra Link380) to turn this off for the headset paired to the dongle!

-In this new window, you’ll see some tabs at the top. We’re going to the Advanced tab, where you can find the checkboxes for Exclusive Mode. 

Outcome: With Exclusive Mode turned off, Teams and other softphone applications will be unable to wrestle control from one another during calls.

Alternatives: If none of the described steps helped, please send us an email at info@btpi.com or call our tech support at 1-800-457-4287.

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