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Troubleshooting the Shox OpenCom2

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Applicable to: ZZ-C110-AA-BK-US

Confirm the Headset is Charged.

Before diving into more complex troubleshooting, always confirm your device is charged. A simple “power is high” message on your headset ensures the device has enough battery life to operate and connect.

Assess the Bluetooth Dongle Connection

Ensure your Bluetooth dongle is connected directly to a USB port on your PC for the best connection. Avoid using intermediary USB hubs as they can sometimes create connectivity issues.

Attempt a Basic Repair
Often, devices just need a simple re-pairing. Disconnect the dongle and then reconnect it. Observe the LED behavior:
A flashing blue LED indicates an attempt to reconnect to previously paired devices.
If it rapidly flashes or stays solid without connecting, proceed to the next steps.

Resetting the Dongle and Headset
Dongle Reset: Check for a small button on the dongle.
Press it with your finger (not needing a pin) and


A consistent flashing blue light indicates it’s in pairing mode.
Press and hold for about two seconds; if the light turns red and blue, it indicates reset mode.
Headset Reset: Turn on the headset and hold the volume button for 5-7 seconds to enter pairing mode. Ideally, you should hear “pairing,” and the LED should flash red and blue. If the voice prompt is missing, the LED’s behavior is your clue.

Reconnect Devices
With both devices in pairing mode:
Ensure the headset is next to the dongle to facilitate connection.
Observe if the dongle switches from flashing blue to red and blue. If it stays blue or doesn’t change, you may need to reset it again or try a different USB port.

Test Different USB Ports
Switch to another if the initial USB port isn’t facilitating a connection. This can resolve issues related to specific ports:
Reinsert the dongle in a new port and hold the button for two seconds.
A change from flashing to solid blue typically indicates a successful connection.

Final Check
Once connected:
Turn the headset off and on.
If it says “connected,” test the audio through your PC settings to ensure functionality.

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