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Tips for Extending Battery Life with Plantronics Hub

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Problem: My Plantronics headset dies quickly, I need to extend the battery life.

Depending on the headset, there are several things you can change to optimize battery life. We’ll go through the settings we can change through Plantronics Hub, the headset control software for Plantronics/Poly headsets.


-First, you’ll need to download the Plantronics Hub or Poly Lens headset control software. This is the app interface we’ll be using to change all settings.

-Once you open the Plantronics Hub application, you’ll see the following screens:

-Once the headset is updated, we’ll look into settings that draw a lot of battery power. These settings can vary depending on the type of headset; your headset may not have the below settings to turn off, but it’s worth checking.

Outcome: The battery life should be extended with the change of these settings. Make sure to give your headset a full charge before testing out the new settings!

Alternatives: If the described steps didn’t help, your headset may need a replacement battery. Please send us an email at info@btpi.com or call our tech support at 800-457-4287 for information about battery replacements.

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