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Initial Setup for Poly Voyager Surround

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applicable to: Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Premium Bluetooth, Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC Premium Bluetooth

Carefully unbox the headset and all its components.

Ensure the package contains the Voyager Surround 80 Bluetooth Headset, USB-C BT700 Bluetooth Adapter, USB-C Charging Cable, USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Cable, USB-C to USB-A Adapter, and User Guide.

  1. Charging the Headset

Enjoy up to 24 hours of great sound with your headset. To keep it ready, use the USB-C cable to charge it. Just connect the cable to your headset and then to a computer or wall charger. While charging, you’ll see the headset’s lights flash. It only takes about an hour to fully charge. When the lights stop flashing, your headset is fully charged and ready to go. Note: The versatile USB-C cable is designed to seamlessly connect to a USB port on either a computer or a standard wall charger, offering flexible charging options to suit your lifestyle.

2. Powering On

Once charged, power on the headset by following the instructions provided, usually involving holding a power button until you hear a powering on sound or see an indicator light.

3. Pairing with a Device

Connecting to PC: Turn on your headset and plug the Bluetooth USB adapter into your computer. Look for the USB adapter’s light to flash and then stay on, showing it’s connected. If you’re wearing the headset, you’ll hear “PC connected. When you’re on a call, the adapter’s light flashes blue. If not, it stays solid. For extra features, download the Poly Lens Desktop App at poly.com/lens. This lets you tweak your headset settings.

Pair to mobile device:

Start Pairing: Move the Power switch away from the off position and hold. You’ll hear “pairing,” and see the LEDs flash blue and white.

Connecting to Your Phone: Turn On Bluetooth

iPhone: Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn it on.

Android: Open Settings > Bluetooth, turn it on, and tap ‘Scan for devices’.

Note: Menu options might vary by device.

Choose “Poly VSurround 80”: From the list of devices, select “Poly VSurround 80”. A successful connection will be confirmed with “pairing successful,” and the LED lights will stop flashing.

Note: Your headset can connect with up to 8 devices, but it can only keep 2 connections active at the same time, including the Bluetooth adapter.

Quick Tip: The mics on your headset are at the front of the earcups. For clear calls, make sure to wear it correctly with the mics facing forward.

4. Adjusting Settings and Preferences:

Use the installed software or the buttons on the headset to adjust settings like the ANC level, sound equalization, and other preferences.

Alternatives: If you would like assistance after reading this, email us at info@btpi.com or call 1-800-457-4287.

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