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Savi Series Voice Prompt Settings

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Problem: I want to turn off voice prompts on my headset.

The Savi 8240 has numerous voice prompts that speak in your ear when you do preform certain actions. These include muting your microphone, answering calls, and beeping when the audio channel is open.   


-You will need to install Plantronics Hub. The download can be found below.

-To turn off voice prompts, make sure your headset is on the base connected to your PC.

-On the top left of the window, confirm the device selected is Savi 8240.

-Click Settings, then General tab.

-The settings we are looking to turn off are Answering Call Alert, Audio Channel Tone, Mute On/Off Alerts and Mute Reminder.

-Click Apply to save the changes you’ve made.  

These instructions work for all the Savi headsets. PL-W8210, PL-W8220, and PL-S8245.

Outcome: All of the voice prompts will be off in your headset.

Alternatives: If you would like assistance after reading this, email us at info@btpi.com or call at 1-800-457-4287.

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