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Savi headset Poor Audio Quality

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Description: Find a proven solution to Savi headset’s poor audio quality while using a desk phone. Learn what the problem is and how to improve the headset’s audio quality.

Problem: If a user reports poor audio quality issues such as muffled sounds, crackling noise, echoes, distortion, or any specific voice quality problems while using a desk phone.

Applicable for: CS540, Savi 7220, Savi 7320 Office, Savi 7410 Office, Savi 8210 Office, Savi 8245 Office


Inspect your Savi headset, earpiece, microphone, cables, and base for any damage. Look for ripped wires, broken pieces, cracks, or anything else that looks wrong. Make sure the parts where cables connect to the Savi headset and base look good and aren’t worn out. All parts should be in good shape, with nothing loose or wires showing. Fixing any damage you find is important for making sure your Savi headset works well.

If possible, swap out any damaged cables to determine whether they are responsible for the degraded audio quality. This step can help pinpoint the issue and potentially restore optimal sound performance.

If there’s no visible damage, we can move on to review the configuration settings on the Savi base. Look for a hidden compartment on the lower left side that can be opened.

Adjusting your headset for optimal balance may improve audio quality.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to verify and adjust the volume settings on your desk phone to ensure they are set appropriately.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, for further assistance call BTPI at 800-457-4287 or email us at info@btpi.com

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