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Ring Control for Jabra Engage 65, 75 Headsets

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Problem: I want to be able to hear my phone ring through my PC speakers and the base of my headset.

Overview of possible solutions: There are two different ways we can go about solving this. You can change the specific app output sound in Windows or turn on “PC audio setting” in Jabra Direct.

Solution 1:

Type Sound Mixer options into the search bar and click on the first suggestion. A page with all the different apps you have open will appear. The top drop-down menu on each app is the output (speakers, headset). While the bottom drop-down menu is for input (microphone).

-Change the output on the selected calling app to your computers speakers. Usually described as, “Speakers (Realtek(R)Audio)”.

Solution 2:

– Using the Jabra Direct application, go to device then click on the arrow to the right of Jabra Link 380, then settings. The download for Jabra Direct can be found below.

– Go to the Softphones tab. Then enable PC Audio.

– Just to confirm, make sure the Softphone Integration is also enabled.

-Click save on the top right on the window.

-You can uninstall Jabra Direct afterwards if needed. Your settings will be saved.

Outcome: You will be able to hear your Softphone ring through your base and speakers.

Alternatives: If you would like assistance after reading this, email us at info@btpi.com or call at 1-800-457-4287.

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