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Re-pairing Your USB Dongle with Your Headset

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Problem: My USB dongle isn’t lighting up, and I can’t use my headset with my PC.

Your Bluetooth or DECT headset relies on its USB dongle for the most stable connection to your PC. When the dongle unpairs from the headset, it can create issues, but thankfully it’s easy to reconnect the two.


-Always try unplugging the re-plugging the USB dongle into the PC before attempting to re-pair the headset to it. Also make sure that the USB dongle is plugged directly into the PC, and not into a docking station or USB hub!

-For Plantronics/Poly headsets: These headsets have a few different form factors – the BT600, the BT700, and the D200.

The BT600 has its own pairing button (either red or grey) on the side of the dongle, which can be pressed with a paperclip while plugged into the PC to put it into pairing mode. You’ll know the dongle is in pairing mode as the LEDs will flash red and blue on the dongle. You’ll then need to put your headset into pairing mode following the instructions for your specific headset in its user guide. Once the two are paired, a voice in the headset should say “device connected,” and the LED on the dongle will glow blue or purple.

The BT700 is trickier. If the LEDs on the dongle don’t automatically start flashing red and blue when you plug it into your PC, you’ll need to utilize the Plantronics Hub or Poly Lens applications to put the dongle into pairing mode. Once in the Hub application, navigate to the General tab, and toggle the pairing option to ON, and click Apply. The dongle should start flashing red and blue. In Lens, click on the adapter when it shows up on the left-hand panel, and click the Pair button. It should start flashing red and blue to let you know it’s in pairing mode. Then, put your headset into pairing mode per its instructions. You’ll know the two have paired when the dongle’s LED is solid blue or purple.

The D200 is a DECT dongle that has a red pairing button on the side that can be pressed with a paper clip while plugging into a PC. The dongle will flash red and blue while pairing and turn solid blue when connected to the headset. Please reference your headset’s user guide for how to put it into pairing mode.

-For Jabra Headsets: These also have a few different form factors – the Link 360, Link 370, Link 380, and Link 400 are the most common.

The good news is that all the Link 300 series of dongles can be paired via the Jabra Direct app, by toggling the dongle into pairing mode. You’ll need to put the headset into pairing mode as well. You’ll know that the two are connected when the headset tells you “Connected” or “Device Connected,” and the LED is solid blue on the dongle.

For the Link 400, you’ll need to press and hold the main button on the dongle until it pulses blue. Put the headset into pairing mode, and the two should be connected when you hear “Device Connected” and the LED on the dongle is solid blue again.

Outcome: Your headset and dongle should be connected.

Alternatives: Please check your product’s pairing instructions in its User Guide for more information. If none of the described steps helped, please send us an email at info@btpi.com or call our tech support at 1-800-457-4287.

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