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Re-Pairing your D400 USB Dongle

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Problem: I have a new D400 USB dongle to use with my Poly Savi headset, but it came unpaired!

Re-pairing the D400 USB Dongle with your headset is easy! See below for steps.


-To put your headset into pairing mode, press and hold the Volume UP button, or turn the volume wheel towards the + or Up direction for a few seconds. The LED on the side of the headset should flash red and green, and the headset should say “Pairing” in your ear.

-Then, put your USB dongle into pairing mode. You will need to double press the subscription button at the end of the dongle, shown below. Once the dongle is in pairing mode, the LEDs on it should flash red and green.

D400 subscription button

Outcome: Once the USB dongle and headset are paired together again, the LEDs on the headset and the dongle should be green and the headset should say “Base or PC connected” in your ear.

Alternatives: If the headset doesn’t pair the first time, remember to put the headset into pairing mode before the dongle! If none of the described steps helped, please send us an email at info@btpi.com or call our tech support at 800-457-4287.

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