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Problem: How to Troubleshoot the Auto-Muting Issue with your UC variant headset

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  • Problem: How to Troubleshoot the Auto-Muting Issue with your UC variant headset
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Applicable to: PL-S7310UC, PL-S7320UC, PL-S8210UC, PL-S8220UC, PL-S8245UC, PL-B4310-WS, PL-B4320-WS, PL-B5200UC, PL-VFOCUS2

Test the Mute Function

Manual Mute Test: Try manually muting and unmuting the headset to check if the functionality is working correctly. If the headset does not respond to manual control, there may be a hardware issue with the mute button.

Check Your Volume Settings

Ensuring your volume is set correctly is crucial for proper audio functionality.

System Volume: First, check the overall system volume on your device. On a computer, you can usually find the volume icon in the system tray at the bottom right of your screen. Click the icon and make sure the volume slider is not set to zero or too low. On mobile devices, use the volume buttons to increase the sound level.

Examine the Sensor Settings

Adjust Proximity Sensors: The Voyager Focus 2 features smart sensors that can automatically mute the headset when you remove it from your head. Sometimes, these sensors may function improperly if they are dirty or if the settings are too sensitive.

Clean the Sensors: Use a soft, dry cloth to gently clean the sensors located in the ear cups.

Configure Sensor Settings: In the Plantronics Hub, under the settings tab, adjust the sensitivity of the sensors or disable them temporarily to determine if they are causing the issue.

Inspect Audio Settings in Connected Devices

Check Audio Settings: On your computer or mobile device, go into the sound settings and ensure the headset is selected as both the input and output device. Sometimes, settings may revert to default speakers or microphones, causing unexpected muting.

Inspect Microphone level: On your PC, navigate to the sound settings and click on the “Recording” tab. Highlight your default headset and select “Properties.” A new window will appear. Go to the “Levels” tab and verify if the microphone is muted.

Disable Other Audio Software: If you have other audio management software installed, ensure they are not set to automatically control the headset’s features.

Check the Firmware Version

Update Firmware: Ensuring your headset has the latest firmware is crucial as updates often fix bugs, including auto-muting issues. Connect your Voyager Focus 2 to your computer via USB and use the Plantronics Hub/Poly lens software to check and update the firmware.

Reset the Headset

Soft Reset: Sometimes, a simple reset can resolve minor glitches. Turn off your headset and restart it after a few seconds.

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