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My Headset Won’t Mute/Unmute on PC

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Problem: When I go to use the headset button to mute my headset in a call, it says “Mute On,” and immediately “Mute Off.” Or my headset is muted, and when I try to unmute, it says “Mute Off” and then “Mute On” immediately. Why can’t I mute or unmute my headset?

Depending on your PC, messaging applications, softphones, and headset, this could be one of several things. We’ll go over the most common below.


– If you’re using your headset with Teams, turn on or off the mute from the application instead of from the headset. This is a Teams-specific issue that has to do with the sync between the headset and the application, and may be solved at a later date.

-Check whether your USB dongle is connected to the PC. If you have a Bluetooth headset, make sure your headset is connected via the dongle instead of strictly Bluetooth directly to the PC, as Bluetooth headsets do NOT have call control over that connection. Make sure the dongle is lit up blue or purple, which signifies that the headset is connected with the device and ready to use.

-Make sure your USB dongle or connection is plugged directly into the PC, not a USB hub or docking station. Not all USB hubs or docking stations route USB connections or power properly, and it can cause issues for PC sound.

-Check your PC’s Microphone Privacy Permissions, and make sure that all of your softphone or browser apps have been granted access to your microphone.

-Check that the microphone is not muted within the Sound menu: Right click the speaker icon on your task bar > Go to Sounds > Go to the Recording Tab > Double click on your headset microphone (model name or dongle number) > Go to the Levels tab > Make sure that the speaker icon next to the volume slider is blue with two waves after it. If you see a red “X” next to the speaker icon, click the speaker icon to show the two blue waves, and click APPLY, then OK. Make a test call, and your microphone should be unmuted.

-If you’re utilizing a wired headset, make sure the USB plug and 3.5mm stereo jack are inserted firmly. Loose connections will result in issues with transmit or receive, resulting in either not being able to hear but being heard by the other party, or you being able to hear but not sending sound to the other party.

Outcome: You microphone should be unmuted.

Alternatives: Don’t forget to make sure the headset is powered on and up to date! If none of these actions work, please call our customer support at 1-800-457-4287 or email us at info@btpi.com.

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