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Headsets Tested for Cisco WebEx

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Cisco WebEx is a powerhouse meeting platform, combining both voice and video capabilities seamlessly into one interface. As part of the Cisco suite of products and services, it offers a comprehensive experience for meetings and calls alike. We’re happy to be able to support WebEx users with choosing headsets tested for Cisco WebEx.

We wanted to test the application for use with a random selection of headsets and speakerphones from two of the industry leaders in enterprise audio devices: Poly (formerly Plantronics) and Jabra.

We’ve looked at the following features of these headsets, to see whether they were available within the Cisco WebEx application:

          -Call Answer & End from the headset

          -Volume Up & Down

          -Mute & Unmute

BTP also investigated whether there were settings we could change from either manufacturer that would alter the ability of the headset. If those were available, we listed them with the headset model.

Here are our findings.

Poly headsets:

Savi 8210 UC w/ D200 dongle (PL-S8210UC)

Savi 8240 Office (PL-S8240)

HW520 w/ DA85 controller (PL-HW520 + PL-DA85)

Blackwire 5220 (PL-C5220)

Voyager 8200 w/ BT600 dongle (PL-B8200-B)

Voyager Focus 2 w/ BT700 dongle (PL-VFOCUS2)

Across all testers, we noted the following:

Headset ManufacturerHeadset ModelCall Answer/EndVolume Up/DownMute/Unmute
PolyHW520 + DA85XX
JabraEngage 40XX
JabraEvolve2 75 MSXX
JabraSpeak 710XX

-All devices had mute on/off control, and volume up/down buttons worked.

-None of the devices had the native ability to answer or end a call to or from the app.

-None of these devices had user-based settings that could be updated which would alter their call answer/end abilities.

Results: While all devices performed well within the WebEx environment, the lack of call control from the devices might be a stumbling point of some users.

For more information about whether your headset or audio device would work with Cisco WebEx, reach out to us at info@btpi.com.

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