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Crexendo WebPhone Compatible Headsets

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“What works for my softphone??”

We tested a pool of products from Plantronics/Poly, Jabra, Shokz, and Yealink with Crexendo’s WebPhone application for call centers. The wearing styles, use cases, and connectivity types were varied, and the features are listed with the items.

Here’s how it breaks down!

The following headsets had native call control including volume up/down, mute, and call answer/end:

-Jabra Evolve2 65 (wireless w/ Link380 dongle)

-Jabra Evolve2 30 (wired – USB C)

-Jabra Engage 55 convertible (wireless headset w/ Link400 DECT dongle)

-Jabra Evolve 75 (wireless headset w/ Link370 dongle)

The following headsets/devices had volume and mute control, but no call answer/end, listed by unit:

 -C5210/20 (wired USB A– does not allow call answer/end from controller)

-Yealink WH63 UC Teams – (Wireless -Teams version w/ WDD60 DECT dongle – no call answer/end)

-Voyager Focus2 (Teams version – wireless w/ BT700 dongle – no call answer/end)

-Savi 8240 office (wireless headset – no call answer/end)

 -Jabra Speak 710 (wired speakerphone – no call answer/end)

-Shokz OpenComm (wireless bone conductor with Loop 100 dongle – no call answer/end)

Does not work with headset:

-Jabra BIZ 2300 PTT (wired headset)

We reached out to Crexendo support regarding the lack of call answer and end in the WebPhone for Poly headsets, here’s what they said:

“Answering from the headset on the webphone is something we are still working on, I do not have an ETA. The Voyager headset should work when we do get the webphone compatible with answering calls from headsets.”

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