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Checking Your Microphone Privacy Settings

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Problem: Your headset microphone stopped working spontaneously, and it shows up as muted or unavailable. No matter what you’ve tried, it won’t recognize your microphone!

This can happen spontaneously after a system update or other sound changes, so we’ll go over where to find your Microphone Privacy settings and how to make sure your microphone is able to be used with third party apps.


To get to your Microphone settings in your PC, type “Microphone Privacy Settings” into your PC’s search bar. The following window should be available to open.

Once you change those, scroll down past the apps listed.

Outcome: If your Microphone Privacy settings were the issue, this will activate the microphone again and allow you to take those calls!

Alternatives: If none of the described steps helped, please send us an email at info@btpi.com or call our tech support at 800-457-4287.

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