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Changing Your Sound Settings in Avaya IX Workplace

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Problem: You need to change your headset or microphone input, but can’t remember how to access the sound settings in the Avaya Workplace app.

Here’s a brief overview of changing your sound settings in Avaya IX Workplace within the app, whether signed in or not.


If you’re signed into the app-

Within in the application if you’re signed in, click the Settings wheel in the upper right corner.
Under User Preferences, we’re going to navigate to the Audio/Video tab.
In this menu, you can choose your sound devices including headphones and microphone. Click DONE to keep your settings.
Workplace will ask you to login in again to restart the app with your chosen settings applied.

If you’re not signed in:

In the starting window, click the Settings cog in the upper right corner.
Same as if you were signed in, you’ll navigate to User Preferences and go to Audio/Video.
From here, you can change your audio or video settings.

Remember: If your headset has a Bluetooth dongle that pairs with it, you need to select the dongle as your device.

For example, if you have a Voyager Focus UC, you’ll need to select the BT700.

Outcome: You should be able to switch to any headset device in one of these two ways.

Alternatives: If the application won’t allow you to change sound settings, contact your Administrator to see if they can assist with app settings.

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