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CS540 No dial tone issue

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Problem: CS540 No dial tone.

The “No dial tone” issue commonly suggests that users are encountering problems in receiving a dial tone with their CS540 headset. This can result from various factors such as incorrect connections, improper configuration settings, power supply issues, compatibility problems with the phone system, or physical damage to the headset or its components. To address this, it’s recommended to check connections, adjust configuration settings, ensure the device is powered correctly, verify compatibility, and inspect for any damage. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, further assistance from IT support or call BTPI at 800-457-4287 or email at info@btpi.com


  1. Verify the presence of a dial tone on the receiver. Should there be no dial tone, kindly request the customer to contact their IT department for an examination of the phone’s connection.

2. Press the call control button on your headset to test for a beep sound. If you hear a beep, ensure the headset is correctly placed in its charging base, then press the subscription button on the back of the base for three seconds, and the power indicator/subscriber light will begin to flash in white.

To view instructions on pairing your headset with its charging base, kindly follow this link to access the detailed user guide.

3. If no beep is detected, please ensure the headset is correctly positioned in the charging base to recharge.

3. If the problem continues, please review the configuration settings on your charging base, marked from A to G, found at the base’s bottom. To ensure compatibility, position the switch to ‘A’ when connecting with an interface cable link. For the Cisco desk phone, switch to the ‘D’ setting.

For detailed guidance on using an EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) cable with a Cisco desk phone, please click the following link and for an Avaya desk phone please click this link.

4. Should the absence of a dial tone persist, ensure all cables are correctly connected and the user is using the appropriate cable. Inspect for any damage that might be causing the issue.

Additionally, suggest to the user a reset of both the headset and the charging base. This involves turning off the headset, disconnecting all cables from the base station, waiting for 20 seconds, and then reconnecting them.

Model: PL-CS540
MFR Part: Poly 84693-01, HP 7W073AA#ABA

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, for further assistance call BTPI at 800-457-4287 or email us at info@btpi.com

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